Press coverage: HR contribution on building with paper


Hessischer Rundfunk looked over the shoulders of Professor Ariel Auslender and Fabian Luttropp, Department of Plastic Design at the Faculty of Architecture, and Professor Samuel Schabel, Department of Paper Fabrication and Mechanical Process Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, during their research on paper as a construction material. The result is an informative contribution that shows what is possible with paper. BAMP!

The focus “BAMP! – Building with Paper” at the TU Darmstadt, which is supported by the LOEWE program of the State of Hesse, is intended to contribute in the long term to systematically developing the advantages of paper as a material for the construction industry and to establish the prerequisites for a new economic field with an internationally visible focus in Hesse and to anchor it in the participating universities and colleges in the long term.