Flexible sun protection made of perforated textiles


Sun protection systems for buildings typically are available as louvre systems (venetian blinds) and as textile blinds (roll-down blinds). Venetian blinds do not illuminate the room optimally and require more maintenance effort especially as outdoor systems. Conventional textile roll-down blinds provide better illumination of rooms because of diffuse blinding effects, but cannot completely prevent glare effects and do not allow individual adjustment of light transmission.

Professor Stefan Schäfer demonstrate the prototype

A sun protection system which promises a high adaptability with low production and maintenance costs at the same time is planned to be developed within this research project. For this purpose, special patterns are laser-cutted on textile surfaces which effects 3D deformation under tensile stress. The effect is possible through textile “joints“ within the perforated surface only.

Therefore, stepless adaption is doable by controlled insertion of tensile stress. This offers the possibility to react to changing light conditions individually.

At the same time, the deformation needs no additional components, which extends the life span of the system positively.