Profilbereich Vom Material zur Produktinnovation

Profile Area “From Material to Product Innovation”

Profil Area From Material to Produktinnovation – PMP

The profile area focuses on research and development of novel materials as well as the transfer of such into innovative products. With respect to the latter it is of utmost importance to analyse mechanisms underlying the value-added chains behind. In this context, both the successful and unsuccessful transfer of a material to a product innovation in the past will be investigated in detail. Suitable strategies will be derived from this work to enable the efficient development of innovative products. The main themes include the functionality and efficiency of new materials, their manufacturing, processing engineering and finishing through to the development of a marketable product. In this process, modular components and material concepts, such as material composites and composite materials, will be at the forefront of the research.

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The profile area primarily focuses on the themes of functional materials and product innovations. The former includes above all anisotropic materials, magnetocaloric substances, permanent magnets, thermoelectric materials, photovoltaic elements, piezo electric materials, ferroelectric materials, etc. more


The profile area cooperates with specialist disciplines and specialist departments within the TU, as well as with other German and international universities. In cooperation with non-university research institutes and industrial partners, we apply for and carry out projects for the DFG, the LOEWE initiative, the EU and German federal ministries. more


Our Teams

Professors from the departments of Civil Engineering,

Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Materials and Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering conduct interdisciplinary research to develop innovative products from new materials. more


Organisation and Contact

Organisation of the Profile Area

The structure of the profile area consists of a Spokesperson Council, a Spokesperson, two Deputy Spokespeople, a Plenary Assembly and a Coordinator. more