Predicting component reliability


Science Council recommends funding of a new TU research building

Mockup „Center for Reliability Analytics“

The TU Darmstadt can make preparations for the construction of a new research building on the Lichtwiese campus. In its spring session, the Science Council recommended the funding of a “Center for Reliability Analytics” (CRA) with federal funds. With this complex, the TU Darmstadt wants to create the infrastructure to digitally support the reliability of components throughout their entire life cycle. Construction is planned to begin in 2021 and to be completed by the end of 2023.

A key quality criterion for products in mechanical and plant engineering is their reliability. To evaluate them with foresight and to design components accordingly is of central importance. Digital methods, concepts and models play an increasing role in this. With the foundation of the CRA, the infrastructure for the development of the scientific basis for a digital reliability assessment of components is to be created at the TU Darmstadt.