Multiple protective masks for hospital staff are safe

TU investigation: sterilization process at high temperature recommended


On behalf of the Alice Hospital, the Center for Construction Materials of the Technical University of Darmstadt has investigated whether the 20-minute sterilization process for worn FFP-2 face masks at 121° C proposed by the clinic impairs the functionality of the masks. The recommendation published by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to expose the FFP-2 masks to dry heat at 65 to 70° C in order to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus did not appear to be sufficient to the hospital, as the masks may also be contaminated with multi-resistant germs or spores during hospital operation, which only die at much higher temperatures. The centre had carried out electron microscopic investigations in its laboratories and had also called in the Reactive Flows and Measurement Technology Department of the TU Darmstadt for fluidic samples.