PMP members successful with DFG proposals “Functional Papers”: The DFG funds a package proposal (PAK 962) and individual projects with approx. 3 million Euros over three years.


The DFG supports the research package “Geometric and Chemical Structure of Functional Papers”, in which 7 sub-projects jointly carry out basic research on functional papers over the next 3 years.

Prof. Biesalski

In addition, the DFG is funding further 5 individual projects focusing on the same topic for the same period. The 11 researchers at TU Darmstadt, supported by 2 colleagues from Freiburg University and TU Grenoble, have now joined forces to promote functional papers from material understanding to product innovation.

In the subprojects of the association, in which 14 doctoral students and 2 postdocs will work, the long-term goal addresses the fundamental understanding or structure-property relations of (polymer) functionalized paper, in order to explore the hitherto largely untapped potential of paper as a functional material. The subprojects will address the following key questions:

  • How can a high orientation of the fibers in the paper sheet be adjusted and can an orientation of the fibers also be switched by external stimuli?
  • How do fiber orientation and functionalization affect mechanical properties of paper and how do functionalized paper webs behave in the presence of liquids?
  • Can polymers be incorporated into the pore structure as functional modules in such a way that they impart elastically deformable properties to paper, chemically stable paper webs are accessible or, after conversion, thermally stabilized, paper-derived materials result?
  • Can the functionalization of paper fibers with polymers be better understood across scales across model systems?
  • What design principles must be followed when polymer modifying papers and thermally converting them to obtain the aforementioned properties?
  • In experimental work, can theoretical models be used to accompany such design principles and, ideally, to make them predictable?

From profile area PMP, the following scientists participate in this initiative as PI:

Markus Biesalski (Spokesperson), Hans-Joachim Kleebe, Regine von Klitzing (Vice-Spokesperson), Ralf Riedel, and Bai-Xiang Xu.